Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eating With Your Eyes and Detoxing While You Dream!

I had to make a trip to Greenville today to pick up my textbooks for the upcoming semester, so since I was going to be in the general area, I made a detour to spend some much needed sister time with my big sissy. We wanted to get out and exercise a bit so we decided to go walk the mall. The mall in her city is so much more fab then the mall we have here!! Anyhoo, we started off our mall browsing by perusing the Bed Bath & Beyond which we both just love, love, love. My sissy spotted these GORGEOUS clear glass plates that were marked down really cheap and they were square! I really love square plates but the only ones I own happen to be plain white. Now, the Barefoot Contessa (I adore her!) swears that food just looks so much nicer on white plates but I think white plates are a bit drab. I have been on the hunt for some nice square plates because I am absolutely obsessed with taking pictures of just about every meal I eat and I like them to look not-drab. ^_^   Soooo.... the plates went in the bag! Isn't this just gorgeous? I will definitely be eating with my eyes first off of this little lovely!

After scoring these gorgeous plates, we wandered around some more and inevitably landed at the best smelling store in the whole place - Bath and Body Works. We both got this really great smelling aromatherapy lotion. It is meant to be used before bedtime to help you sleep and since I suffer from chronic insomnia I thought I would give it a try. It also boasts that it will help you detoxify while you dream! Well now, who could resist that?! So of course, that went in the bag too!

Cornish Hens were on the menu for tonight but since they need to cook awhile and I wasn't quite ready to leave the mall, handsome honey had to put them in the oven. I just love Cornish Hens. I think they are so cute and yummy!! And.... since he started them early, they were just about ready when I came home. I had just enough time to saute some green/yellow beans to go along with them. And of course, I served this little baby up on my new gorgeous plate!

Doesn't that just look oh-so-scrumptious? Did anyone notice the upside down hen? Yep. Boyfriend cooked the birds upside down! Still tasted good, we coined the recipe "topsy turvey baby chickens." You should try it sometime ^_~


  1. I shouldn't come to your blog before breakfast LOL Anyhoo Tony and Autumn were going on and on about how good I smelled from that lotion when we went to bed last night. It was so cute. I might have to hide it from them though LOL. What did Larry think of yours?

  2. Larry liked the lotion :) I really do like it. Not sure if it really helped or not but I did sleep better then normal last night.