Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm still here =}

Heh, I am still here, still on plan and going strong. This semester of school has proven to be exceptionally demanding so my free time has been sparse. I picked up a really awesome scale from Aldi the other day for a great bargain. Paid $10 for it and it not only measures and tracks your weight but it also tracks your BMI and your hydration! I like the body fat % because sometimes it gets discouraging when I don't see a big change on the scale - a change in BMI would definitely make my day. ^_^

 We also bought a deep freezer. I am truly obsessed with freezing things so we needed the extra storage space. I love to buy meats when I find them on sale because they are typically the most expensive part of our grocery bill but prior to our freezer purchase, I was greatly limited due to space. This week when I went to Aldi, I picked up two beautiful spiral cut hams (glaze packaged separately)  for roughly $8/each and a couple of whole chickens. Yep. Loving the new freezer space.

I also bought myself some new clothes. I try not to spend much on clothing because I shrink out of them so quickly but it feels so nice to have clothes that fit! I bought 3 shirts each in a size smaller then the last time I bought shirts, a new pair of jeans (I am down 2 jean sizes just since September!) and a very snazzy leather jacket that I just adore.

My honey and I have also started on our garden plans for this year. My sister turned me on to fennel which I just love now so we are going to attempt to grow some this year. Neither of us are familiar with growing fennel but there is a first time for everything! I also purchased a small indoor greenhouse for growing my herbs. I am really looking forward to spring, can you tell? ^_^

I bought some really gorgeous produce from the flea market last weekend, I should have taken pictures but I didn't. It was just GORGEOUS. I really love fresh, whole foods. Its funny how things change. I can remember a time in my life when I never even went into the produce section at the grocery store! Beef stir fry is on the menu for tonight unless I get a hankering for something else before dinner ^_^ Sometime this week I am going to try to do another recipe tutorial, not sure on what yet. Anyone have any requests?

And a long overdue B&A shot to wrap this up.... 

When I first joined my gym, I got a free t-shirt. I was too embarrassed to ask for a 3x so I asked for a large instead (which is really just as embarrassing when I look back on it lol no way did that guy think I was fitting in that shirt!). I initially couldn't even pull the shirt down over my boobies to take a picture so the "before" shot was actually taken about a month after I started going to the gym. Now, I fit in the shirt! ^_^