Sunday, January 6, 2013

Low-Carb Cherry Cordial Dessert

The scales loved me this morning - I had a whoosh! Down 3lbs from last weigh in! If I average my weight loss out, I lose roughly 2.6lbs/week so this was an above average week! ^_^  Seeing the scale move always makes me so happy, especially knowing the kind of food I get to eat while doing it! Today I am whipping up one of my favorite low-carb desserts. It is really tasty and super easy to make but it does take awhile to set so it will need to be made in advance. This is an original recipe of mine so if you re-post this somewhere please leave a link back to me! Thanks so much!

Low-Carb Cherry Cordial Dessert


4oz of Full Fat Cream Cheese
1 small box of sugar free Cherry gelatin
1 Tbsp of  Hershey's Unsweetened Baking Cocoa (100%) - Dark Chocolate
Liquid Sucralose

Step One: Prepare the gelatin as directed on the box. You want the basic preparation. Sit it aside but don't put it in the fridge just yet.

Step Two: Your cream cheese will need to be softened - you can either sit it out prior to use and allow it to soften or you can pop it into the microwave for a few seconds until it is good and soft. Either way, it HAS to be softened or it will get all caught up in your mixing wands! (I learned this the hard way!)  Using a hand mixer, mix the cocoa with the softened cream cheese and add liquid sucralose to taste. I like my chocolate just a little on the bitter side so I probably use a little less sweetener then most. The amount of chocolate can be adjusted if you prefer a stronger chocolate flavor - just remember to adjust your carb count!

Step Three: Now, add your prepared liquid gelatin into the bowl with the cream cheese and cocoa. You want to blend them together with a hand mixer, making sure to get everything blended in good. It will be a bit "foamy" on top.

Step Four: Give it once last stir then cover your bowl with plastic wrap and place it into your refrigerator until it is "set" - about 4 hours.
Step Five: Put some into a pretty dish, top with some whipped cream (optional) and enjoy! ^_^

Carb Breakdown:
8g Cream Cheese
1g Cocoa
0g Gelatin
0g Liquid Sucralose
9g Total - Makes 3 servings at 3g per Serving (this doesn't include any carbs in the optional whipped topping!)

** This recipe can easily be turned into a "mousse" like consistency by doubling the amount of cream cheese and mixing it on high with a hand mixer (to add lots of air) but the carb count does increase! **


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